Wi-Fi Site Survey

Wi-Fi Site Survey

Having a Strong WIFI network is necessary in today’s business environment and one of the most critical components of business Infrastructure is to run the operations smoothly. A Wireless Site Survey is recommended when implementing a wireless network. WIFI site surveys are like audits for your network.
There are basically three types of wireless site surveys passive, active, and predictive.

A passive site survey tool listens to existing access points and other signal sources for signal strength, interference, and access point (AP) coverage. Passive surveys are often perform when upgrading existing wireless networks such as adding additional APs.

In an active site survey, the survey WIFI adapter is associated to the AP(s). This allows gathering of detailed information such as network traffic, throughput packet loss, and data rates. An active site survey is often performed in conjunction with a passive site survey at start of a new wireless network deployment.

A predictive site survey is performed without any type of field measurements. It uses RF planning software tools that can predict wireless coverage of the APs. To perform this site survey, a floor-plan drawing (AutoCAD, JPEG, PDF) is a must-have. Predictive site surveys are used when the site or building is not yet built and are helpful for budgeting purposes.

The ultimate goal of the WIFI survey is to get proper WIFI coverage, less downtime, A better customer/visitor experience.

We are experts in providing WIFI survey and planning with certified technicians and industry standard tools on ground and serving from small to big corporates, Hotels and Resorts, manufacturing plants and warehouses of large based organisation.

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